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Antenna Installation

Best Antenna Tower Installation Services

We can meet all your antenna and tower needs.  We provide a complete range of antenna products and services, from tower site construction services, Construction Management, Tower Erection, Antenna and Line Installation/Testing to Tower Inspections, Audits, and Mappings. We provide dedication and attention to detail throughout our tower construction projects and installations completed by our team of trained and certified tower crews. We provide the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of antenna systems and their supporting structures.

GuROO LLC - Your Antenna Installation Specialists

We take pride in maintaining a safe work environment within the ever changing and challenging tower construction industry. All of our employees go through an extensive training program, educating them on safe standards and practices as well as job specific skills and guidelines. This training truly prepares them for a safe and productive career in the tower industry. We consider safe working habits as a skill set that is limitless. Safety Awareness First Everyday (SAFE) is the number one standard that all decisions and work practices are measured by. Our experienced team of tower climbers and technicians provide expert tower construction, tower removal, antenna deployment, and routine service and safety inspections.

We’ll be with you throughout the planning, installation, and testing of your communications equipment. After this stage of your project is complete, we’ll be here to maintain your equipment and update your services as needed. 

We Offer a Wide
Variety of Antenna Installation Services

Tower Site Preparation and Civil Construction

We specialize in both sales and services of a wide array of high-end antenna products and build your tower site.

Tower Foundations and Erection

We provide you with a variety of tower erection services including site evaluation, reinforcing, painting, RF mapping, etc.

Antennas/Transmission Lines Installation

We follow strict guidelines and take appropriate steps to ensure the optimum performance of each antenna and line installation.

Tower Maintenance and Inspection

We deliver top-tier maintenance services for antenna towers including checking, monitoring, repairing, and replacement of poles, jumpers, & insulators.

Antenna Deployment

Our experienced tower crews and technicians can provide you with the most appropriate tower and brings the resources into effective action.

Emergency Response

We have a team of certified tower crews and climbers who are trained to provide the most appropriate services in case of any disaster or emergency.

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As a specialized IT consultant, GuROO LLC has the experience and the expertise to provide clients with all kinds of antenna tower services including construction, management, & erection of towers, line installation, tower inspections, maintenance, and emergency response, and many more. With us, you are trusted with a team of certified and trained tower crews who can complete tower installation projects in time. 

GuROO LLC offers a wide spectrum of antenna products, tower installations, and management services. Our services in detail include tower site construction, construction management, tower erection, line installation, testings/inspections, troubleshooting, maintenance, audits, mapping, emergency services, etc. We have tower crews, technicians, and site engineers who have years of experience and training in this field. 

We are always ready to address your queries. You can contact us at (703) 936-2202 or mail us at contactus@gurooit.com to get all of your answers within 24 hours on any business day. 

RF emissions from antenna towers are much below the safety limit set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and so can not cause any harm. In GuROO LLC, we strictly follow the rules and regulations laid down by the FCC, so you do not need to worry at all.